The Studio

The History of the Steel Practice Hall…

When Ann Clarke closed her shop in 2006, I realized I no longer had any place to rehearse groups of children playing their violins. So I purchased a pre-fab steel building. As luck would have it, it arrived in the middle of winter, like this:

So, in order to try to keep anyone from tripping over it in the dark, we decorated it with Christmas lights, like this:

Of course when the spring came, and it was time to put it together, I realized that there were at least five million bolts and nuts. So, courageous as always, I called Lang Construction, and managed to cajole them into putting it together for me. Which they did, like this:

As you can see, they did an excellent job:

Sarah was the first person to undergo a lesson in the new building, and her ears are still ringing from the lively acoustics (It is steel, after all…):

And here is the first group to have practiced in the new steel building. Their ears are young and resilient, but my head is absolutely killing me:

Please watch for updates on the Steel Practice Hall…..